‘Finger Maze’

A teachers resource to accompany Chris Drury’s ‘Finger Maze’ sculpture in Hove Park.

Commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council’s ‘Eco Brighton’ programme, the  pack’s intentions were to broaden an awareness and understanding of concepts of contemporary environmental art practise and to place Chris Drurys ‘Finger Maze’ in the context of this tradition. It sought to engage schools and to encourage them to use the piece as an education resource as well as a piece of art in its own right and to reference other pieces of public art with an environmental theme.

The pack explores the history of land art from Robert Smithson’s ‘Spiral Jetty’ to the work of Simon Starling and Richard Box.  It includes high quality examples of artists exploration of our impact on the environment as well as comprehensive lesson plans, with clear objectives from KS1-3. It provides resources of local suppliers of recycled materials and scrap stores to encourage teachers and students to work in a more sustainable way.



Copies can be obtained from arts@brighton-hove.gov.uk








photo by Roger Bamber