The Friendship Project

A city wide project, in partnership with 10 other cities, exploring ideas of local identity and friendship.

The first part of the project was working alongside artist Stig Evans to create a tresure chest to represent the city’s identity. This chest would then be part of a

Friend Ship ( geddit?) which would tour 10 schools in 10 cities, where children would enjoy and learn about other cities chests.

The partners were keen to involve other existing cultural providers in the city and chose to work with  Queenspark- a community publisher, Same Sky- a community arts organisation, Brighton Pavilion and Museum , Brighton University’s Art Department,  The Duke of York’s independent cinema and Phoenix studios- an artist run studio and gallery  to shcowcase the city’s culture and heritage.

Each bag of treasure explored a different aspect of the city’s history and culture in a creative and fun way- from trying on a to scale pair of George IV’s trousers, to making your own version of Dr Russell’s famous seawater cure and exploring the city important role in early film making, using archive film.


The second part of the project involved artist and art educator workshops in 10 schools across the city exploring themes of  Friendship and PSHE and SEAL issues.
The artists referenced contemporary photographers as well as the work of Keith Haring and the children worked collaboratively to produce a series of multi media images exploring ideas about good friendships, which were exhibited in the schools and used as starting points for future SEAL work.