Somerhill, Junior School, Hove .

This project took emotional literacy and SEAL objectives as its starting point.

Using artist Stig Evans’ work on colour and emotion, the students worked alongside Stig in a series of workshops to produce personal emotional diaries which they linked to colours and recorded both visually and with text.

Using groupwork models, the students worked together to produce poems based on a range of emotions. The children made a series of art works to illustrate theri group poems

These images were then manipluted using ‘Photoshop’ working alongside Stig and filmaker Martin Smith from Silverbox films.

In workshops with all three practitioners and class teachers, the children storyboarded their poetry and art.

The work was then filmed and soundtracked by the students.

The resulting short film can be seen below.


The process also served as CPD for teachers to introduce film and imaging skills to their practise and to use the outcome as a resource for PSHE work within the school.



The project was commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council and was funded through the city’s Percent for Art Policy.