Human Sundial


St.Marks Primary School , Brighton , Sussex.

A weeks workshops with Year 2 and Year 5 children and staff, looking at examples of public art in the city and exploring their effect on public spaces.

Working closely with both classes and an artist, students and staff expressed ideas that any project should have a functional part so as to avoid the work becoming “wallpaper”. The idea of a sunclock was explored. Children worked with the artist to think about who else the space is shared with and the children made a series of drawings of mini beasts that were developed into prints. These works were then sand balsted onto hard wearing granite tiles that would form the numbers of the Human sundial.

Older children considered the months of the year and how to represent these in pictures. They worked collaboratively to make a series of drawings which were then worked up into designs on scraper-boards to simulate the process of sandblasting into rock.