‘I See Me’

Downsview link college , Brighton , Sussex.

‘I See Me’

A large scale kinetic project working with groups of students to accompany them on their move into a new purpose built link college

The project brought together the existing Art & Design students of Varndean VIth form College with the students from Downsview FE units to work together on a photography based project exploring ideas of identity.

Staff from both colleges worked with students and an recent art graduate and the resulting works were presented on strips of recycled plastics which were hung in the main atrium to welcome the students when they moved to the new building.

The idea behind the project was that as an individual, the student brings something to the school and by positioning their identity strip in the school they create a sense of place for themselves. This process and sense of belonging can then be continued if they remove their strip when they leave, to create space for the new students.

The group visited the National Portrait Gallery in London’s exhibition “Image and Identity’ to inform their work














The project was the subject of a short documentary by Barbara Myers